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Yummy Home Made Recipes for Babies

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While cooking toddler food for my son Andres for many months, I hit upon a yummy basic potato-carrot recipe I share on this website. Use it to create all sorts of variations.

Have you ever tasted your baby's ready-made baby food?

I mean really tasted, not just testing the temperature with the tip of your tongue. What about taking a sip from your baby's plastic drinking bottle after it's been standing there for an hour or two?

I have, and I said YUCK!

[See my links page as to why avoiding plastics might be a good idea]

Did I really want to feed this stuff to my baby? Not really. I looked for an alternative and decided to prepare my baby food myself.

I had one of the biggest "Oh Shit" moments of my life recently when I read that

Toothpaste Fluoride is Toxic.

Don't believe me? Read this by Time Magazine. [This isn't one of those chain-lettered urban legends proclaiming deodorants cause cancer or Red Bull is harmful]

Baby likes to eat toothpaste because it tastes so good? You don't wash out baby's mouth after cleaning teeth? You may need to steer away from this.

Most toothpastes today contain fluoride because it is so good at preventing tooth decay. Unfortunately, that huge benefit is only one side of the coin.

Preparing your own baby food is easy, fun and healthy! Start with my main recipe, the humble carrot-potato puree - a recipe mixed to perfection (if I may say so myself  Your ALT-Text here ).

I found that countless variations of this basic puree were possible by adding other vegetables and/or meat to vary taste, colour and texture.

Adult-style menu variations are unnecessary for babies -- so instead of bloating this site with 101 different recipes, I just provide the basics and wish your creativity a field day!

Why I made my own baby food

Andres at 27 months doesn't need puree anymore

Andres at 27 months doesn't need puree anymore...

When Andres was 6 months old but didn't have the teeth to chew on real food yet, we found that commercial baby food didn't taste particularly good (even knowing that it wouldn't be salted), some of it DID contain salt together with other additives, and it wasn't cheap either. I googled the internet in vain searching for good homemade puree recipes.

Well, time to roll up my sleeves! After several trial and error sessions in the kitchen, and "field testing" the results on Andres, I had finally put together a set of recipes which worked well. I discovered that my Purees tasted much yummier than commercial purees, I knew what went into them, and they were cheaper too! Moreover, they were easy to prepare and required surprisingly few ingredients to taste good.

Recipe Types

I distinguished between the following purees.

  1. Vegetable/meat purees could be cooked once in a large quantity to last for two to three weeks. They'd be served warm, usually for lunch and perhaps dinner.
  2. I'd prepare a fresh fruit puree once a day just before serving, which would be at about four in the afternoon. I'd serve it at room temperature.
  3. Milk-food purees are commercially prepared in powder form, to which I'd add the prescribed amount of water and/or cow milk. I'd serve them lukewarm for breakfast. Recipes for those are provided by the manufacturers, so there's no sense in delving into those here.

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