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Home Made Fruit Purees

Fruit purees were rather simple to make.

The main point I made was to prepare them fresh just before feeding and heating them to room temperature using the microwave after pureeing in case the fruit had been cooled in a refrigerator.

I've used:

I avoided mango (he didn't care much about them) and oranges (too much fiber, just use some juice).

Andres tasting some fruit puree at age 6 months
Andres tasting some fruit puree at age 6 months

Preparation was simple:

Take a fruit, peel it, remove core and seeds.

Cut into blender-friendly pieces (about 8 to an apple).

Place in drinking mug and use the stick-blender to puree it.

Heat the cup in a microwave to room temperature if necessary.

Feed directly out of the cup with a spoon.

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