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Apart from the purees, Andres also loved other non-pureed food, even before his first tooth appeared...


This has always been a favourite of his, which we'd used to no end to pacify him in restaurants. We initially gave him the non-crust portion after removing any embedded whole solids like sunflower seeds or olives. Pizza worked too.

Testing Pizza at Six Months

Testing Pizza at Six Months


Another huge favourite of his! We gave him everything from real thin rice-noodle type pasta to spaghetti. A bit of sauce made everything all the more colourful!

Dried Zwieback, baby biscuits and non-salted crackers

worked nicely too.


was another early favourite. We were constantly amazed that he would frequently down a whole portion at one sitting!

Fruit juice

He didn't particularly care much about fruit juice, preferring milk instead.

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